residential leasing a GreanGrid energy solution

Go green and save money

Even though high-performance solar-energy systems have become more affordable with competition and innovation, some property owners are reluctant to invest in these rapidly-evolving solar technologies - they can still be expensive to own.

The solution?  Lease your solar-energy source from GreanGrid Solar.  You will save money with state-of-the-art solar energy solutions, from a provider you can trust.  Our Solar Lease and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) programs allow you to go solar for little to no upfront capital investment- you can go green and start saving money immediately.

Lease Solar Panels

    GreanGrid Solar Lease program: The Process

  • GreanGrid Solar will buy, install, and maintain a solar-energy system on your property.
  • We own the solar energy system and sell the electricity it generates for a fixed, predetermined, quarterly price directly to the residential customer
  • We connect the system to the electric-utility and use an integrated net-metering device to ensure that your property receives the optimal electricity flow.
  • We install an online-accessible monitoring system that will show in real time how much electricity your solar system is producing and how much electricity your property is consuming. We will routinely analyze the performance of your system to ensure its functionality.
  • Any time after five years, you have the option to buy the complete solar-energy system (Get details).
  • If you sell your property before the end of your lease, you can transfer the lease to the next property owner with no penalty. Get details.
  • See Get Started for more details.
renewable energy for your family

Financial Incentives

Homeowners are being motivated to utilize solar energy by federal, state and local authorities offering powerful financial incentives.  Some of these programs can take more than 66% off the preliminary cost!

Also, solar properties receive a 30% income tax credit from the federal government.  If you had a $10,000 solar system for example, you would enjoy a tax credit of $3,000 that has no limit – you can carry it forward up to 20 years!


Fixed Costs

Utility rates have increased an average of 9% per year over the past 10 years for residential properties. These rates will continue to be fragile in the coming years. You can enjoy the stability of a fixed energy price when you go solar, instead of being at the mercy of rising, changing utility rates. GreanGrid Solar is essentially locking in your electric rate for the duration of your lease – you would know exactly what the cost of your energy will be.

The benefits are clear - You pay only $50 per month instead of an upfront $20,000 for a typical residential system. We offer a 10 to 20 year lease at an optional fixed rate that's typically 5-10% below your current conventional utility electricity rates. As conventional electricity rates increase over the years, you can save upwards of 30-40%!


The power of clean, renewable, responsible energy

Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas make up more than 95% of the energy used in the U.S.  These fuels are burned for energy and release toxic gases into the air, causing pollution and global climate change.  When you utilize solar energy systems you are reducing global damage and how much we depend on these poisonous fuels.  Not only is solar energy unlimited, it is clean.


Expert Installation

GreanGrid Solar installation teams are educated and experienced, and adherence to building codes and industry standards is simply the norm.  GreanGrid has done the research on our products and manufacturers to ensure our solar panels, inverters and racking materials are guaranteed to last. We’ve made sure to offer products of only the highest quality that are backed by warranties fitting the industry standard.


Markets We Currently Serve (but not limited to):

Tucson (Tucson Electric Power)
Phoenix (Arizona Public Service, Salt River Project)

Southern (Southern California Edison)
Northern (Pacific Gas and Electric)

Big Island (HELCO)

St Louis (Ameren)

Northeastern States
Washington DC
New Jersey
Massachusetts (PJM areas)

Houston (CenterPoint)
Dallas (Oncor)
El Paso (El Paso Electric)

Leasing solar panels is a clean energy solution